Lotus Hanging Planter with Chain by Austram Lotus Bench by Austram Diana Trough by Austram Madeira Bench by Austram Austram Classix Wall Planter


Product Information:

Austram first introduced the coconut fiber-lined wire planter to the American market-place in 1981. Austram continues to adhere to its high quality standards and today boasts the best product for the money in the market. In addition to machine woven coconut fiber liners, Austram now coats most of its steel products with protective zinc plating before applying the high quality powder-coated finishes. And, it continues to supply the market with its original planters, as well as expanding its product offering into more decorative lawn and garden products such as trellises, arbors, gazebos, benches, and accessories. We also have a full line of grower baskets.

Best Sellers:

Austram's best sellers are the Anne Parasol 14" Antique Green, Lotus 14" Hanging Basket, Diana 14" Hanging Basket, and 30" Wall Trough, Vintage Arbor Antique Green, Gable Arbor, Hampton Trellises (4 styles), Lotus Bench, Splash Benches (Red, Yellow, Green Blue in order), Youth Benches.

Ordering Information:

Items may be ordered wholesale only. Wholesale customers should contact the K & S rep in their area or they may reach Austram at the number listed below.

Contact Info:

1400 East Green St., Suite 8
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: 1-800-966-1288
Fax: 1-919-688-0880
Email: baustin@austram.com
Website: Austram

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